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The first party!

A naming ceremony gives parents the opportunity to gather with family and friends

to welcome their child into the family.

Ceremonies can be held at home, in the garden, in a park, in the woods, at a hotel or at your local community centre.

I will spend time getting to know your family so I can conduct a ceremony that is personal and meaningful.

We can discuss promises, readings, poems, gestures and music that feels right to your baby celebration.

During the ceremony, parents often state their love and commitment to their child,

acknowledge the role of family and friends,

and declare hopes for their child's future.

Ceremonies can be combined with symbolic actions that have meaning to the family,

such as sand ceremonies, tree-planting, candle-lighting, or hand or foot-printing.

Celebrations may vary in length from 20 minutes to an all-day celebration.

Naming ceremonies are suitable for babies, toddlers, older children, adopted children and stepchildren.

Baby Namings: Welcome
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