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What's included in a wedding ceremony?

There are some things that have to happen in the wedding ceremony. The reason we are there is to hear you both say that you want to marry each other. So I need to hear those declarations, along with two lovely witness. Once we've heard you both make your special vows, we can sign the wedding schedule to officially agree that you have both agreed to marry each other.


The ceremony is built around these beautiful promises. And, you can choose whatever you'd like to make the special day reflect your specific partnership.

We often start with a little welcome. I explain who I am, and what we are about to do. It can be nice to recognise the wedding parties. For example, we might acknowledge our handsome best man and our gorgeous bridesmaids. 

We could invite a special person to step forward and share a wedding reading. This could be heartfelt and emotional, or anecdotal and funny. Either way, it's a lovely way to warm up the room.

I love getting to know my couples. You become a part of my wedding family and I like to celebrate your journey together. Explaining how we got to the point of marriage! So I tell the story of how you first met. I want to know, who swiped right first? Who was surprised by cupid on a blind date? Where were the first dates? What amazing things do you like doing together?

The natural next step would be to share the proposal story. How exactly did that go down? Was it spur of the moment, or secretly planned out? I've been doing this job for a while now and no two stories are the same...everyone has a unique proposal story to tell. 

The couples questions could be next. I will have sent you a couples questionnaire. Another way to get to know your specific dynamic that wee bit better. I want to know what makes you both tick. So who is the better driver? Who sings best in the shower? How would you describe your partner? All of the answers are collated and become a fun part of our ceremony and celebration. 

That would bring us into the heart of the ceremony. Where you exchange vows and rings. I always encourage my couples to write their own vows. These come in all shapes and sizes...there's really no right or wrong here. I have plenty of examples to share with you, there's something for everyone. And after the vows and the rings are exchanged, I can officially declare you married!! And yes, you may kiss!!

Signing the paperwork is next. We pop on some music and let our guests chat amongst themselves. Whilst we sign the official wedding schedule with our lovely witnesses. I take a fountain pen with archival ink for this job. The photographer may choose to take some photos during this part. 

Often it's nice to complete our service with a gesture. Perhaps a traditional Quaich ceremony would be appropriate for you? Maybe a Scottish handfast is up your street. There are so many options for wedding gestures. Whatever you pick, we will make sure it's bespoke and fitting for the special day.

Then it's time to get everyone up on their feet as you prepare to walk back down the aisle...hand in hand.

Listening to your guests cheering you every step of the way.

Congratulations warmly given, as you'll both be happily married!!

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